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Pondering Pollution (Science Explorer: Follow the Clues)
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Pondering Pollution (Science Explorer: Follow the Clues)

4.1/5 (Votes: 2223)
Mots clés: Nature  Science  Nature how it works  Earth sciences  Environment  Experiments projects 
Format d'origine:Paperback 32 des pages.
Publication Ville / Pays:Cherry Lake Publishing (January 2014)
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La description:
The ability to use the NextGen science processes is key to carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks. In this book, readers in real-world situations are tasked with following clues and using the NextGen science processes to find out more about pollution prevention. Informational text presents evidence and facts in the form of clues and side-bar details to help children develop critical thinking skills. A summary of the situation is included to show how each chapter contributes to the whole and for a solid understanding of the topic.

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