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MidLife Divorce
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MidLife Divorce

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Mots clés: Relationships  Self help  Marriage adult relationships  Divorce  Mid life 
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Publication Ville / Pays:Home & Leisure Publishing, Inc. (May 23, 2011)
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Having had two marriages end during the “midlife years,” I have a slight advantage understanding why aging has the potential to blow a marriage apart. When an event occurs to push us to thoughts of our own mortality, whether it’s the death of a close friend, the death of a parent, or even disasters such as 9/11, it may cause us to rethink how we feel about our life.

Is our current life satisfying? Are we getting all the enjoyment from life that we need to in order to be happy? Is there anything we’re running out of time to do before we’re too old to do it or to enjoy it? In many marriages, that midlife question of “is this all there is?” can lead down a path that ends in divorce.


Midlife Divorce
Rethinking Priorities At Midlife
Midlife Crisis and Divorce
When Our Little Worlds Fall Apart
A Marriage In Trouble?
When It’s Time To End A Marriage
Dump The Desperation
The Right Friends at Divorce
Moving On After 19 Years
Memories of the Past
Begging Him (Or Her) To Stay
Keep Moving Forward
Staying Together For The Holidays
Learning To Love Yourself
Accepting Your Part In The Divorce
People Will Talk. So What?!
Friends Get Hurt, Too
Divorce Lessons
Don’t Take It Personally
Her Husband’s Midlife Affair
Hiring A Divorce Lawyer
Taking Care Of Myself
Dividing The Pets
Transitioning Through Divorce
Exit Affairs
Is She Serious About Cheating About On Her Husband With Her Ex?
“Almost Divorced” And Dating
Divorced With Baggage
How Quickly Time Goes By
A Moment In Time
Holiday Blues
Change Of Heart
Validating Your Worth

Pat Gaudette is the author of several relationship-focused books including “How To Survive His Midlife Crisis” –which are available at Amazon.com and other online booksellers both in print and for the Kindle and other eBook readers. She was the divorce support guide for About.com for over nine years and is the founder of The Midlife Club, an online support site for men and women dealing with midlife crisis—theirs or their loved one’s. She is also the founder of Friends and Lovers the Relationships Guide.

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