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Rescued By An Alpha Part 1 - A Paranormal Romance
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Rescued By An Alpha Part 1 - A Paranormal Romance

4.9/5 (Votes: 454)
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Rescued By An Alpha Part One

A Paranormal Shape-shifter romance, adventure

Not in his wildest dreams would the tall, good looking blond Tom have fantasized that achieving a scholarship to further his education as an architect would completely change his life. After being kidnapped and held prisoner in the ‘Jungle Retread’ he is helped by Chan an Alpha shape-shifter and taken to his den deep in the wild jungle. Here he is seduced by two hot sexy jaguar shape shifters women. He has to learn to survive the many treats of the jungle. Tom has been missing for a year. His Swedish girlfriend Serena, who was supposed to join him in the USA has been waiting to hear from him, she has been very sad and unhappy all this time. Everyone thought he was dead, including her.
Serena finally decided to move on. She continues her education as a fashion designer in Paris. Here she gets romantically involved with the handsome hot sexy Philippe, who carries a secret, can she trust him?

Rescued By An Alpha, Part One is 23.000 words. It is the first entry in the serial of four.
It contains sexual scenes. Intended for readers 18 +.

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